Friday, February 24, 2012

mini haul: Forever21, Zara, etc

hello girls, here are my latest buys .

i'm sorry, I've been really busy with school and searching for student job and  for my 18th birthday .

so yea, here we goooo :

jumper, forever21 : more or less 13€
zara, faux fur vest: 30€

same as the first one but i got it in medium because they didn't have the small size anymore.
and because i really liked the color of this jumper, i don't care whether it's large :)

dress: forever21 

i wore this last V-day :)

i looked really sophisticated :) ahhah
i really loved the buttons on the back :)

 jumper: Zara with leather linings
30 €

mic necklace : about 3 € i think
a little story about this necklace : this was the last item that i bought, when i go to forever 21 i always go to the accessories area when i'm going to pay .
so i checked it out, checked the ring section, noting really catches my eye, then necklace, i saw this MIC NECKLACE, and i was looking for other pieces but there were no same MIC necklaces anymore.

i'm so glad i was really lucky that day :)

beauty bits: 

hello kitty kitty eyes eyeshadow kit, H&M
this was actually a gift but i want to show it to you.

a tutorial and review about this kit :)

garnier roll on:

review coming up  soon

kate moss rimmel lipstick

review and swatch soon too :)



  1. ahh i love the clothes and the hello kitty eyeshadow is adorable :)

    1. i know right ! :)

      it's really nice :) review about it coming up soon !

    2. Great haul <3 Lovely jumpers & the necklace too!!!


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