Wednesday, January 16, 2013

EOTD : first tutorial eveeeeer! :)

since I've been reviewing some makeup products, i thought that i should share to you how i do my makeup too. now, i'll just start by showing you the finish product and just explain what i did. so this is my first Eyes of the Day (EOTD) tutorial post :)
so let's get started:

  1. start of with a cream eyeshadow base. i used Catrice Made to stay long lasting eye shadow in 040. gently pat it all over the entire lid but concentrating on the inner part.
  2. with a  eyeshadow pencil  brush ( i used ELF Blending brush) put some dark chocolate brown eyeshadow  (like Urban Decay's Hustle) in the outer corner of your lid creating a shape like this">". then blend it to the crease.
  3. i added a more layers of the dark brown eyeshadow to darken it. then of course blending it so there will be no harsh lines. 
  4. then with another eye shadow brush put some shimmery highlight color, preferably something close to the color of the cream eye shadow ( like Urban Decay's Virgin), on the inner part of the lid. this will make you eyes pop and it's really flattering. put some on the lower inner lashline too. 
  5. taking the same dark brown eye shadow, start lining your lower lash line with an angled eye shadow brush form the outer part then stopping in the middle.
  6. then with an angled eyeliner brush or just a plain eyeliner brush  put some gel eyeliner really close to your upper lashline. start off with a very thin line then start thickening it on the outer part. 
  7. finish up with your favorite mascara. you can curl it too if you want but i didn't curl my eyelashes here. 
this is just a basic eye makeup. if you liked this one,  and want more eye makeup tutorial posts, tell me in the comments down below :)

hope you liked this . by the way, i changed my header ! :)
what do you think ?



  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!! Love this post! Following you on GFC. It will be awesome if you can follow me back:)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  2. Great tutorial! I love the look. <3


  3. I love this eye look! I can't wait to try this :) Great job!

  4. Super loving the look it looks so 3D and gorgeous,.,thanks for sharing ;)

  5. i love it!

    I recently made a cute DIY Disney Princess room decor. Check out my blog for more DIY projects, OOTD, beauty reviews, and much more! Fill free to follow my blog:)

  6. Great tutorial! Looks great! <3

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I'm glad to have you among my followers!

    xoxo Nancy S.

  8. This is so great!
    x Hannah

  9. Hi, great blog, follow each other? I wait for you, thanks and kisses from spain

  10. Hi! I'm looking for mutual followers.

  11. thanks! amazing it! <3 xx

  12. yes im also from belgium yaay! Do you speak dutch or do you live on the french side of the country?
    Im now following you pretty! Follow back?

  13. Gorgeous! Turned out like you're a Pro. But would love to see photos of each steps.


    1. will keep that in mind!
      thanks for the suggestion :)


  14. This is a great tutorial, I love the look!

  15. Lovely :D I always have problem with cat-eyes when I'm using shadows ;/ my friend will also show some tutorials on ;)

  16. Great tutorial! I llove it:-) Nice blog. What about following each other?

  17. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

  18. Awesome tutorial!
    hope to
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  19. Great tutorial! The shadow is beautiful, so perfect for an everyday look! xx xx

  20. Love the eye look! Your eyes are so pretty girl!! Sending love from the States!
    Crystal's Beauty Corner


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