Monday, July 8, 2013

five things : first glimpse of summer 2013

wow ! it has been a while and i really missed blogging. i've been busy and been lacking of ideas. and now, hopefully, i am back.

so today, i'm back with one of my favorite posts to do : five things.
if you're new here on my blog, five things are actually "things" that i've been loving at the moment. "things" meaning everything, from things to people, from events to quotes... so everything .
today's five things are my faves on this beginning of summer 2013 .

1. smoothies and milkshakes
Peace☮ Love♥ Music ♫

nothing is better than cold drinks during summer . i've been doing a lot of smoothies/shakes lately such as Milo shakes ( chocolate) and coffee milkshakes :)
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