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5 Back to School outfits

hello everyone, 
school is coming and i would like to share a list of back to school outfit ideas.
i know that some start by the end of august. as for me, i am going to start by the end of september ( YAY, i am going to UNI this year ).

we do go to school everyday and we just want to keep in casual and comfortable, but being at school does not mean that you cannot be à la mode anymore.

i hope this inspires you!

there are 5 outfits in here so make sure to continue after the jump :)


back to School no. 1

Lipsy crop tank top, 43 CHF / Jean jacket, 51 CHF / Blue jeans / Forever 21 platform shoes, 27 CHF / Red Herring zipper bag, 21 CHF / Pieces floral jewelry, 13 CHF / Juicy Couture heart ring, 33 CHF / Wet Seal heart jewelry, 1.45 CHF / Tulle Clothing adjustable ring, 12 CHF / Stop Staring! chain necklace, 9.73 CHF / Pink Pelican -A Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop, 24 CHF / Calypso Paisley Pencil Case : Target, 9.73 CHF / Hello Kitty- Pen, 1.95 CHF / Juicy Couture Girls' Velour Crest Binder, 40 CHF


 Outfit no.2 and no.3 are actually inspired by the chilly weather here!
it actually start to get chilly here by the end of september, well,it always been chilly and rainy and grey-y here in Brussels. but really hot summer 2012. 

so yea, back to the outfits

i picked out jeggings and skinny jeans because they're on trend right now. ( they are always à la mode by the way)
-jeggings (jeans + legging )because they're really comfortable and hey're supper fitted like leggings, but they're actually better (for me) because they're warmer :) (I JUST LOVE JEGGINGS! )
-skinny jeans : because like jeggings they supper fitted and they're comfy. and they make you look slimmer and they show off your figure. PLUS! they are easy to tuck in boots! :)

- sweaters : because they're really COMFY! and warm ! (PERIOD!) . :) 

back to School no. 2 and no. 3

H&M oversized shirt, 11 CHF / Mango crew neck sweater, 24 CHF / Vero Moda slim fit pants, 28 CHF / Dorothy Perkins denim skinny jeans, 17 CHF / Forever 21 buckle boots, 27 CHF / Wet Seal stacked heel, 25 CHF / Kimchi Blue rucksack bag, 29 CHF / Monsoon stacking bangle, 6.43 CHF / Jon Richard vintage style ring, 7.65 CHF / 1928 bow necklace, 27 CHF / ASOS bow jewelry, 6.19 CHF / Feathered Friends Pocket Planner, 16 CHF / New Products :, Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affordable...


this one is more of a classy yet comfy look.

i chose :
-Blazer : they have been trending for a long time now. this is a boyfriend blazer.
it's really a versatile fashion item, they can make you look really classy :)
it toughens up simple jeans and simple t-shirt .

- Boyfriend Jeans :these are meant for casual wear. so i pair this with a PROFESSIONAL looking Blazer to cool it down . these jeans are really comfy.

i also put flats and heels at the same time because, you can choose the flats if you're not allowed to use heels, or if you just feel comfier with flats .

back to School no. 4

White t shirt, 18 CHF / Blazer, 125 CHF / Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren boyfriend jeans, 190 CHF / Flat, 29 CHF / Promise Shoes platform heels, 36 CHF / Liz Claiborne shopping bag, 29 CHF / G.L.O.W.F.A.S.H.I.O.N. gold jewelry, 15 CHF / Ring, 7.78 CHF / Finest Imaginary collar necklace, 11 CHF


this one is an outfit that i can call, KEEP IT GIRLY BUT NOT TOO MUCH.
an outfit where you can show your girly side and your rock side.

back to School no. 5

Butterfly dress, 44 CHF / A|Wear fake leather jacket, 36 CHF / Leather jacket, 290 CHF / H&M zipper boots, 38 CHF / Leather tote, 53 CHF / Forever 21 twist jewelry, 14 CHF / H&M metal jewelry, 5.34 CHF / Spring Street mesh jewelry, 18 CHF / Blu Bijoux flower jewelry, 14 CHF

i hope you got inspired by these outfits!


are you ready for school?

P.S. this is a re-posted blogpost. i posted this last year but then i think that theses outfits can still be implied this year so i just decided to re-post it. i also edited and changed some texts and all :) as you can tell i used less revealing clothes because we had some strict rules and regulations before. if you don't have a dress code you can change pants to shorts easily. i just hope this helped you. and this are in CHF ( swiss francs ) because i am currently in Geneva. if you want the dollar version, check my polyvore account or just click the link below each image. thank you again :)


  1. What a lovely blog <3

  2. hi changed something in you blog, didn't you?i love it.take a look at my new post!xoxo mininuni

  3. Great post! I love everything and I love how everythings pink! Can't wait to see the rest Back to School Outfit Ideas!

  4. hello marielle , i already have your bracelet xp je te le rend dès que possible :D elle est belle la veste en jeans <3

  5. @mini nuni ahhm! yea, change the background :)

  6. @Arlette j'en veut un d comme sa :) okay, d'accord :) merci arletteeeeque! :)

  7. Thank you!
    Well, Sicilia is waiting for me! I can't wait this trip in October!

    Great shoes.

    I'm following.

  8. Hi dear, lovely blog! I love idea 5 the most! Thx for your nice comment! I follow you via gfc/95 and bloglovin/5, I will be happy if you follow back.
    xx chris

  9. This looks really nice, bag and boots are amazing ;)

  10. The looks are amazing! I love looks numbers 2 and 5 the most! Good luck with schoo and have fun!

  11. I would say that my favourite is outfit nr2 and 3. Love the combination of buckle boots with leggins and these sweaters are to die for! You have a really lovely blog, so got a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin :) Hope you'll follow back.

    1. Mine too. I think they are just comfy and i love that.

  12. Gorgeus ideas..I love the n.4, it's completley my style ;)
    wanna follow each other?

    1. Ohh, i see. Your that rocker type. Cool :)

      Sure :)

  13. hi Chiara! thanks for your visit! Great selection!
    would you like to follow each other?
    My Daily Style

    1. sure. just tell me when you do :)
      i'd like to follow you back !

  14. Great sets!

    Ps. maybe follow each other's?

  15. Great looks. Wow! Wished that I didn't have a school uniform policy :(. Love your blog and the hello kitty at the side!

  16. LOVEE the 2nd set esp... YES to cable knit sweaters...thanks for all the great school ideas =)

  17. what a cute outfit girl! super lovely blog btw :)

  18. I prefere the number 4 :)
    New post - Kisses from Paris

  19. Thanks for your lovely comment, this is amazing, definitly following!
    Material Fixations

  20. Lovely outfits !! <3
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  21. ooo you get to wait all til septemeber- lucky you! and i think i like the first one the most because of the jean jacket. i love any look with one of those thrown into the mix!


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