Sunday, July 22, 2012

OOTD : floral pants + bloglovin'

it has been a while ago since i did an OOTD so as the title says , here's an OOTD that you might have seen a little bit in my travel post last wednesday. and yes i am still in this beautiful city, Geneva . 

i don't know a more creative post title, so i just named it floral pants. i love this particular pants because it so comfortable. the weather wasn't very hot that day even though the sun was really up that is also why i chose it. even though it is a long one, i feel like just wearing super loose pajamas, really comfortable and breezy .

so enough with the random ramblings, here it is 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell's elegant stud ( grey/ white silver loafers )

I just want to share these babies!
Jeffrey Campbell's  Loafers Elegant Stud .
 I've been loving loafers these past few months , i think they are just so comfortable and stylish to wear.
i love loafers but i don't like ballerines or doll shoes. they just make my feet look flatter. 

these loafers are just the best. they can glam up any outfit or may i just say they can just ROCK any outfit. with those studs, and i mean, see that, these loafers are filled with studs. and i love it .

so enough with the blah-blahs here are some closeup photos !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TRAVEL: Geneva Part I

hello guys!
so vacation is on and we chose to stay in Geneva , also to visit my cousin and family. I've always loved Geneva that's why i'm staying here for 3 weeks. i love the weather here, it is way better than rainy BRUSSELS!!!

so here are some photos i just want to share with you.

WARNING: Photo heavy!

a little stop at a patisserie 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My must-have makeup brushes

make-up brushes
a must have for make up lovers

we all know that it is non-sense if we have great make-up but we have no good make-up brushes.

i always believe that we should invest on good make-up brushes.
because, we use them everyday and they help us to put makeup easily.

of course there is a lot of different makeup brushes out there.

and i may not have all those different brushes,
but with these brushes, i am good and satisfied

so here are my must-haves makeup brushes:

Things i'm loving in the moment!

Hello girls i'm back! school is over and i'm on vacation!

I've been trying a lot of different things lately, things that i am not used to do like re-organizing my closet by color, doing a lot of DIY projects, doing some vintage shopping etc. Oh and doing blog post through my iPad (which i am doing now)

and of course, changing my background, do you like it better ?

It has been a long time since i was really busy with a lot of things, school, family, searching for universities etc.

So today's post is going to be trends or just simply things that i am loving at the moment.

Here they are:

source: my instagram : xmisschiarax

Friday, July 6, 2012

forever 21 haul!


i know! it's been so long!

well, if you saw my previous post, you know that i have exams this week and next week, and that's why i haven't been posting. Since it's Friday today ( and i really miss posting here ), i'll do a post.  :)

so last week, i received my Forever21 haul. i bought like 5 items?so, it's really a mini mini haul :) i just bought accessories. my sis and i just want to try ordering online.

so ye. it's my first time ordering online on forever21.the delivery time i okay, well, i think the products were from a forever21 store in Germany. it took a week for my package to arrive. but's i'm still happy!:)
at least i received it right :)

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