about me

Hello everyone ! Welcome to my blog!
My name is Chiara and I'm a twenty-one year old girl from Belgium.

so about myself ? what to tell you ?
Well... Aside from the normal "description" of myself:  the " I love fashion, arts, music, sciences, dancing, singing, eating, sleeping, baking, shopping, window shopping, photography and a lot more! " I am currently studying Multimedia at ISFSC. I also enjoy writing. I write a lot and it is one of my passion, I write when I'm happy, I write when I'm sad, I write when I'm feeling excited. In short, I write every time.  And the rest ? Well, that you will know it by reading my blog because this blog is really about me and what I love.
so, what is be(re)belle all about again ? 
basically , be(re)belle about everything from fashion to food, from places to random thoughts. A place where I will talk about everything. You'll see DIYs, tips , some OOTDs and a lot more. 

Some articles are written  in English and in french ! 
Since i live in Belgium,  I think it's just right to write from time to time in French too .
fact : we have 3 official languages here in Belgium : Dutch , French and German . 
I've been living here for 7 years , so I may not be the best in french but I will try ;)
I also speak Dutch...  I can communicate but I couldn't write that well... yet ... so maybe in the future ? 
why the name ,  be(re)belle ?
I started this blog on march 2009, since then I already changed my blog name a lot, I wasn't really satisfied with the blog names that I have came up with, so I constantly change it, until I came out with berebelle .. is it about being a rebel ? Not totally, or i could say, not about the rebellion that most people think.  To be faire enough, we have different view about " rebellion"

I have two first names , Mariele Chiara, I always liked how "elle" sounded like. I thought that since I talk about beauty related stuff , why not "belle" , which is beautiful in french . But then, I don't just write about beauty or makeup, I write about everything . 
I always believe that to be successful in something you have to stay just the way you are . 
With the society that we have right now, it's really hard , we have a lot of social pressure ... and what we have to do is fight against it ( this just sound so cheesy ) .

For me , being a rebel means fighting for what you think is right  fighting for who you are. There are a lot of ways to express rebellion , some can end up pretty bad ( which makes me so sad ) . For me , it's about being and expressing myself in my own way . 
Be(re)belle , be beautiful in your own way. be YOU .

Images, posts, texts, graphic images, videos, ideas, words here on my blog are my own unless stated otherwise. All original images, posts, texts, graphic images, videos, ideas, words are not allowed to be duplicated without my consent. if you want to copy them or share them, please email me first.
All products featured in my blog are purchased by my own money (or my parents) unless stated otherwise. Reviews about products are based on my own personal opinion. i am not paid for these reviews. 

I do accept free products to review but the review will be based on my own honest opinion.
I do accept sponsored giveaways and advertisements.

if you are interested , CONTACT ME!

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