Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY : Yogurt Mask and Happy Halloween :)

oh, how i love Do-it-yourself mask and other beauty recipes.
i just love to use natural products on my skin, and for me they're the best.

this mask is a NO NO for those who have allergies on dairy products .

sorry :|


yogurt, yoghurt, or however whatever whichever you spell it, it's still yogurt.
i personally don't eat yogurt, but then months ago, i saw various videos on YouTube about yogurt masks.
and then i tried it shortly.
so, why yougurt??
yogurt is  rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.
it contains lactic acid and beneficial enzymes that helps to you're your skin hydrated and radiant. It softens the skin, brightens a dull complexion and helps to remove redness in the face. It cleanses the skin and treats blemishes giving you a clear & smooth complexion.

personally use low fat (1.5%) or non-fat yogurt as i have oily skin, if you have dry skin, you could just use  the natural plain/whole  yogurt which contains 4% fat.

you can also add other ingredients depending on your skin type :

lemon : for oily skin ( some drops is good to go) 
honey / olive oil : for dry skin

yogurt mask are also good:
- for fighting acne, it has anti fungal properties and it contains zinc which helps healing blemishes.
-to prevent premature aging , because of the lactic acid
- to reduce discoloration .

so what you need:

-whole,  low fat or non fat yogurt ( just the plain one, NO FLAVORS!!!!)
- a foundation brush to apply it on your face 
-a separate bowl .

all you need is to apply it all over your face and let it dry for approximatively 20 minutes.
but i leave it till i feel the the yogurt is already dry.
i use it 5 times a week, or just whenever i have the time.

after doing it, you'll feel you're new soft and fresh skin :)

not suitable for those who are allergic to dairy products.

voilĂ  voilĂ 

if you already tried it,
did you like it?

share your thoughts :)

oh and


me with yogurt face mask :)

p.s ;
as you could probably tell, i  changed my blog name.
from being
i change it to

why ? because i just like to do so and because i write my name as Chiara and not kyarah. i wrote it like that before because a lot of people say it as shiarah as oppose to kyarah - how you really say it.

Disclaimer :

Photos are from the Web ( via Google ) except for thel ast one. 



  1. Thanks so much for the mask recipe! I will have to try it out!


  2. hi sweety, very nice blog, now I'm your new follower, amazing graphics and more :*
    If you want see my blog and tell me if you like my style.. on the right there is the translator for more languages,

    kiss jexika lyter

    1. hi. thank you for your general comment :)
      it means a lot to me :)

  3. cool! Maybe i will try it!

  4. hi sweetheart! nice blog!

    Im following u!


  5. What a purely wonderful idea!!! Keep up the good work on your blog--very good stuff!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  6. Thanks for sharing. You look awesome even with the mask on your face <3


  7. wow, I would so end up licking off my own face hahaa.

    Francesca xo


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