Thursday, August 30, 2012

TRAVEL: Barcelona

WARNING: TRAVEL post, so photo heavy, lots of pictures ahead

hello girls, you don't know how excited i am to do this post. WHY ?
first of all, it is about BARCELONA , one of the cities i have always dream about. actually it is SPAIN because as much as i love travelling , i never visited Spain, ever! i have been to Germany, France, Switzerland , Italy etc but not Spain. so i was really excited to visit it. 

i didn't really stayed there for a long time, just for 5 days and for 3 days i was in a CONFERENCE, a YFC conference and i had fun!  so i just have a day to visit Barcelona. 

here are some photos we took  

( i will do an OOTD post after this, will be up anytime soon so make sure you check my blog again )

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 Back to School outfits

hello everyone, 
school is coming and i would like to share a list of back to school outfit ideas.
i know that some start by the end of august. as for me, i am going to start by the end of september ( YAY, i am going to UNI this year ).

we do go to school everyday and we just want to keep in casual and comfortable, but being at school does not mean that you cannot be à la mode anymore.

i hope this inspires you!

there are 5 outfits in here so make sure to continue after the jump :)


back to School no. 1

Lipsy crop tank top, 43 CHF / Jean jacket, 51 CHF / Blue jeans / Forever 21 platform shoes, 27 CHF / Red Herring zipper bag, 21 CHF / Pieces floral jewelry, 13 CHF / Juicy Couture heart ring, 33 CHF / Wet Seal heart jewelry, 1.45 CHF / Tulle Clothing adjustable ring, 12 CHF / Stop Staring! chain necklace, 9.73 CHF / Pink Pelican -A Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop, 24 CHF / Calypso Paisley Pencil Case : Target, 9.73 CHF / Hello Kitty- Pen, 1.95 CHF / Juicy Couture Girls' Velour Crest Binder, 40 CHF


 Outfit no.2 and no.3 are actually inspired by the chilly weather here!
it actually start to get chilly here by the end of september, well,it always been chilly and rainy and grey-y here in Brussels. but really hot summer 2012. 

so yea, back to the outfits

i picked out jeggings and skinny jeans because they're on trend right now. ( they are always à la mode by the way)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ELF (EyesLipsFace) Haul

hi girls!! sorry for my lack of post lately.
I've been really busy, i was busy travelling with my family :)

i just can't believe it's mid august now :(
Summer Vacation is passing by really fast!

so, as the title goes, here's my ELF orders.

they came really fast, i ordered them on Sunday then it arrive Tuesday afternoon!

i will not do a complete review on these products YET  ,just first impressions and observations because i want to try them first :)

what's inside :

For Eyes Products:
- All Over Cover Stick in Light Beige: i will actually use this as an under eye concealer as it is lighter than my skin tone . i really love the smell of it :) the first time i used it, i noticed that it is really PIGMENTED ! :) but it don't have a lot of product in it, but it's okay as i is really pigmented.
- Zit Zapper : i thought hat this is a tiny product, but no. so yea, didn't test it yet,.

Zit Zapper and All Over Cover Stick

-" Blending eye brush "and "eyelash and brow wand" : these two are re-purchased . i just love these brushes. i use the "wand" for my eyebrows and they're perfect. and the Blending brush , well, i use it as an eye shadow brush , a concealer brush and many more. i like it, but it's not really fluffy for a blending brush.

Lip Products:

-Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm: i just like it's smell.will review soon ! :)
-Glossy Lip Shine ( Cream Goddess set): i like the smell too. and it had a lot f product not like the other lip glosses. and that's why i bought it too .P.S i love the colors in this set :)

Face products:

-Complexion perfection Powder: it has four different colors inside, and when you mix them up all together, you'll get a whitish powder. i was afraid to use it, as i have olive skin tone .but it doesn't make my face look white :) 

- Cool Bronzer: i'm so happy that it doesn't have shimmer on it :) it's a matte bronzer and WAY PIGMENTED!!!!

so yea:) there ya gooo :)

what do you think about these products?? :)

chiara  ♥

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chanel: Le Vernis Nail Colour in # 473 Coromandel : swatches

hello girls, it has been a while since i posted some products swatches. so here i am with a new one,
it is a CHANEL Nail Polish,

Le Vernis
Nail Colour 
473 Coromandel

without further do, here it is.

i just love love this color, this would be my first RED nailpolish!
yep, you heard that right, i never thought that i would wear such bold color, but this one, i really loved it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OOTD: casual look with "the studded loafers"

as promised in my other post , the one with the Jeffrey Campbell studded loafers, here i am with a new ootd.  an outfit just like the title says, a casual outfit. but of course a little bit more than casual with the OVER STUDDED loafers (which i LOVE)

oh and by the way , i will be off for a week because i am going on vacation :) i am going to barcelona !!! yaaay!

so back to the OOTD:

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