Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OOTD : like a tourist

hello LOVELIES! thank you so much for tuning in in my getaway place.

by the way, here's an Outfit of the Day when i was on vacation in Geneva. 
i loved that city, i so want to go back there now !

the inspiration f this outfit would be the tourists that i see there, actually i am a tourist there too, but i go there so frequent that i can be NO TOURIST anymore. it was a really hot day so i'm glad i brought my hat with me!

special thanks to my DAD again for taking the pictures!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 01 : with swatches

hello girls, you must have already heard a lot of times about Rimmel's newest collection .
well newest but it has been months since it's released.

they released this collection to collaborate Kate Moss 10th year anniversary as a Rimmel Model .

i really like Kate Moss so when i heard about this, i just can't wait to get my hands on her collection.

i actually got this lipstick a  month ago. and it's a RED lipstick .

i NEVER had a RED LIPSTICK because i still don't feel wearing or having one .

so yeah, i got the

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 01

Monday, September 3, 2012

OOTD : Barcelona

Vamos a la Sagrada Familia
 Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
this well known Roman Catholic Church is one of those iconic landmarks like Eiffel tower, Big Ben and many more,  that i would really love to see. 
i was so intrigued by this church because , if you didn't know, it is still incomplete. 
it's architect, Gaudi is really famous all over the world for his unique style.

another thing that made me really liked it is its UNIQUENESS , every facade is a different style, a different genre. i am not an expert in analyzing monuments or any other ART but i still learned some things in school. so i know that it is Gothic and ART nouveau style as we say in french. i just really loved it.

i think i should stop there. this might look like a travel / Sagrada familia information post. hahaha :)

if you want to see more photos about Barcelona , feel free to check THIS TRAVEL POST!

back in the OOTD: 

just being casual and girly that day. it was so hot so wanted something loose, a skirt.
the skirt was actually so big for me that i have to tuck it in in a belt. 

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