Sunday, April 21, 2013

REVIEW: Catrice NailPolish : #170 i Scream peach! and swatches + UPDATES .

hello everyone ! it is finally spring here in Belgium. well almost, since this week came back to those cloudy dull day. but still, i know it is here . by the way, sorry for being MIA. i just launched my "vide dressing " online shop. it is basically where i sell my clothes at a very cheap price. my aim is to make some space for my closet. i feel like it is vomiting my clothes already, it is so full.
here is the link to my shop.
and here's a little sneak peak; 

so back to the nailpolish .
here is  Catrice in #170 I SCREAM PEACH!

with flash
this is such a nice color for spring or summer time.
actually, at first, i thought it was so orange, but then, it turned out to be a pretty Pink-Orange Coral color:)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OOTD : bright sweater on a dull day

 photo DSC_6376_zpsd61ee7f2.jpg

hello everyone ! it has been awhile since i last posted an Outfit of the day . so here i am with a new one .
these past few days, weather cannot really decide weather to stay chilly or sunny. technically it is spring but the weather is still bit cold. i just can't wait to wear bright colors to brighten up dull days like today. so here i am wearing these bright oversize sweater.
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