Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the famous NAKED : Urban Decay palette

 photo DSC_6069_zps881a0891.jpg

Hello everyone ! First of all ... what a lovely week ! i can feel summer already ! i hope that this will just continue . these past few weeks aren't that great actually . Getting back to the blog post, as you can see this will be about the NAKED palette. the first one, this post might be late for those "beautyholics" but like we all say , better late than never. i am sure that you (or most of you ) have already seen hundreds of reviews of people who rave about this product. for the past year ( 2012) , this is one of the most rave product along side with Maybelline Mascaras and Nars blushes . I am not the kind of girl who buys hyped products because they are "in" or hit at the moment, i only buy HYPED products that are worth the hype.
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