Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas wishlist 2013

christmas wish list 2013

christmas wish list 2013 by xmisschiarax

hello, what's up everyone ! been a while eh ? it's december now and 'tis the season :) so as part of my yearly post , here's another christmas wish list for this christmas 2013 . 
to be honest , i really don't "NEED" all of this , i have more than enough and i will be forever grateful for that , but hey , that's why it is called WISHLIST , meaning you can wish whatever you want, it's like dreaming right ? to dream is free  :)

sooo, what's on my list : 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

five things.

Please be good ♡
i cannot believe we're already in mid-november , Christmas is definitely just around the corner . 
by the way , how are you all doing , i hope you all are well .
by this time of the year , we have already decorated the flat with some christmas bits and bobs . and i would just like to share some things that i've been loving lately :)

so here they are ...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

new in !

hello everyone ! how was your summer ? it has been a while and a lot of you are now back in school.. 
and how is it so far ? 
i've been really busy this month , i just had my entrance test for medical school yesterday .. and i really hope that i'll pass.

well today is a quick post , i'm going to share to you some accessories that i recently got . it's from a new online shop that i recently discovered,  Persunmall. and i swear ... their items are legit ... like they are really good...
they sell clothes and accessories too ! 

so without further ado , here are the items that i got :)

 photo DSC_0351_zps3c8ca584.jpg

Thursday, August 8, 2013

back to school wishlist

back to school wishlist

back to school wishlist by xmisschiarax 

Hi guys, so today i wanted to share to you what's on my back to school wishlist, things aside from what's on my normal back-to-school list like school supplies etc. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

five things : first glimpse of summer 2013

wow ! it has been a while and i really missed blogging. i've been busy and been lacking of ideas. and now, hopefully, i am back.

so today, i'm back with one of my favorite posts to do : five things.
if you're new here on my blog, five things are actually "things" that i've been loving at the moment. "things" meaning everything, from things to people, from events to quotes... so everything .
today's five things are my faves on this beginning of summer 2013 .

1. smoothies and milkshakes
Peace☮ Love♥ Music ♫

nothing is better than cold drinks during summer . i've been doing a lot of smoothies/shakes lately such as Milo shakes ( chocolate) and coffee milkshakes :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the famous NAKED : Urban Decay palette

 photo DSC_6069_zps881a0891.jpg

Hello everyone ! First of all ... what a lovely week ! i can feel summer already ! i hope that this will just continue . these past few weeks aren't that great actually . Getting back to the blog post, as you can see this will be about the NAKED palette. the first one, this post might be late for those "beautyholics" but like we all say , better late than never. i am sure that you (or most of you ) have already seen hundreds of reviews of people who rave about this product. for the past year ( 2012) , this is one of the most rave product along side with Maybelline Mascaras and Nars blushes . I am not the kind of girl who buys hyped products because they are "in" or hit at the moment, i only buy HYPED products that are worth the hype.

Monday, May 20, 2013

OOTD : tan it!

hello everyone ! i hope everything's fine with you . here is another OOTD for you .
so, it is OFFICIALLY "spring" here but since it's Belgium, it's a bit different. it is still a little bit chilly in here hence the outfit ...

 photo DSC_6381_zpsf7ac6e0f.jpg

Thursday, May 2, 2013

five things.

i just can't believe how time flies so quickly that it is already MAY. and it has been a month since i posted "five things". so here i am with another five things for you . also, please excuse myself for being MIA a lot . there are just a lot of things that going in my head. so many that i don't even know what to blog. i think every blogger can't relate to this. i think we all had that "writer's block" or i must say "blogger blog" . 

but hey ! let us look on the bright side . i am back :)
let's just focus on positive things ! HAPPY HAPPY POSITIVITY ! :)

1. Spring

Spring here in Belgium is really confusing. one day it's sunny, one day it is "hella" cold and dark . 
but still , it is still spring, that means that summer is just around the corner.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

REVIEW: Catrice NailPolish : #170 i Scream peach! and swatches + UPDATES .

hello everyone ! it is finally spring here in Belgium. well almost, since this week came back to those cloudy dull day. but still, i know it is here . by the way, sorry for being MIA. i just launched my "vide dressing " online shop. it is basically where i sell my clothes at a very cheap price. my aim is to make some space for my closet. i feel like it is vomiting my clothes already, it is so full.
here is the link to my shop.
and here's a little sneak peak; 

so back to the nailpolish .
here is  Catrice in #170 I SCREAM PEACH!

with flash
this is such a nice color for spring or summer time.
actually, at first, i thought it was so orange, but then, it turned out to be a pretty Pink-Orange Coral color:)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OOTD : bright sweater on a dull day

 photo DSC_6376_zpsd61ee7f2.jpg

hello everyone ! it has been awhile since i last posted an Outfit of the day . so here i am with a new one .
these past few days, weather cannot really decide weather to stay chilly or sunny. technically it is spring but the weather is still bit cold. i just can't wait to wear bright colors to brighten up dull days like today. so here i am wearing these bright oversize sweater.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MOTD : first makeup of the day !

hello everyone ! i hope you're all doing good! it has been a while since i posted something here. i've been busy with a lot of things : our concert ( which was a success) , opening an online shop and of course studies . but now , hopefully i am back at being regular , because this is really something that i miss.

so today's post is about makeup, this will be my first MOTD : makeup of the day post . so for my MOTD post, i ill just list all of the make up stuff that i used. i will also link the products so you will know more information about it. 
hope you enjoy it .

 photo DSC_6263_zps667e9578.jpg

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

REVIEW: Park Avenue Lipstick no.10 + swatches

hello everyone!
today i'm going to do a review about Park Avenue Lipstick in no. 10
Park Avenue is made in EUROPE, there aren't topics and articles about it online, so i really don't know much about it. but what i know is that IT IS REALLY CHEAP!!!
so this is the PARK AVENUE LIPSTICK IN NO.10

Monday, March 11, 2013

what's in my everyday makeup bag ?

 photo 816980da-ba96-412d-a134-aa43a6ddd7d3_zps1d9253e9.jpg

hello everyone ! i hope you are all doing good. today i have decided to share what's in my everyday makeup bag . i love seeing what's in the makeup bag of other girls, i find that interesting .so basically, i have this makeup bag just to retouch my face throughout the day , so it doesn't really contains a lot of makeup. 
as you can see, it is just a small lightweight mini bag . i love the " je suis une princesse... " message on the bag, it definitely defines me ahaha (just kidding). 

Friday, March 1, 2013

five things : birthday edition ! --- yes , it is my day :)


hello everyone ! i hope everthing is ok! 

so by the time i post this one, i am sure it's already my birthday! i did not intend to do this post but i think it would be nice to share what are the things in my wishlist.

aside from my birthday wishes like good health for me and my family and everyone, better year for me, peace in this world, better life for all of us and i wish for more years to come i also do have a WISHLIST, a materialistic wishlist.

i know i should be contented with what i have but hey , this is a WISHlist! i am free to dream!
so here's my 19th birthday wishlist! 

1. Perfume 
and here is when i hear my mum saying : YOU HAVE ENOUGH PERFUMES! 
well, i still haven't found my perfect match perfume yet , so i am still searching for the one :) i think what i would like to have the most right now is Escada's delicate notes or YSL's La Parisienne :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New in! mini haul : zara , Bershka , primark ...

Happy Sunday everyone, i hope you had a lovely weekend. so my last post was a giveaway, congratulations again to those who won ! :)

i did a little shopping lately, so here are the things that i recently got :)

 photo DSC_6244_zpsdccebeb8.jpg
{ jacket : Rhétorique }

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Firmoo eyeglasses GIVEAWAY!

UPDATE as of 24 / 02 / 2013:
hi everyone ! so the giveaway has ended and i already contacted the winners. 
too bad there were no more than 30 ENTRANTS. but i am still giving away the vouchers. 
also, when i was choosing the winners, i cannot confirm some of the entries of the other winners. so for the next giveaway; please confirm me clearly what did you do and what you didn't do. 

so the sure winners are : ( whose entries are confirmed)
- Mary Elaine
- Katie
- Katherine Ospino
Congratulations ! :)

Hi everyone! i hope you're all doing good ! so recently, i reached 200 followers here on my blog ! so thank you everyone who's supporting me . to celebrate this, i am hosting a GIVEAWAY ! yaaay! my first ever giveaway. and there will be not only one winner but 6 winners : one grand prizewinner and 5 other second prize winners. 

so as you can tell by the title, Firmoo has partnered up with me for this giveaway. if you still don't know what is the world's most popular online optical store. i already collaborated with them before. and i really love the glasses that i have received. you can check them on this post.  Firmoo sells designer glasses and sunglasses.  they can be bought as prescriptive glasses or just for fashion purposes glasses (non-prescription). You can choose from a big variety of glasses.  To help you choose the designer glasses that your voucher can  purchase, click here ! 

now for the prizes : 
you can win  a pair of eyeglasses 
and (or) 
5 designer glasses vouchers. 

the fun part is that the more participants, the more prizes.
If there are over 30 entrants, there will be a grand prize of one pair of fashionable eyeglasses, both prescription & non-prescription are available and five other $30 vouchers to be won. 
If there are under 30 entrants, only the five vouchers will be given away.The vouchers only can be used on those designer glasses at

The giveaway is open internationally, but the winners have to be located in the area their delivery can reach to. to check if they ship to your country, click here! 

so what do you need to do to join ?
you must follow this blog, not your ordinary girl on GFC and leave a comment stating which pair of glasses you like from Firmoo.
 for more chances of winning , simply fill out this form :)

good luck everyone !
the giveaway will end on February 22nd @ 23:59 Belgium time so GMT + 1 :)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

five things : Happy Valentine's Day !

hello guys! Happy Valentine's Day to all of you ! i hope you all passed a lovely day with your loved ones! whether you're taken or single; we should all celebrate  this day! it's about spreading the love :)
so here's another five things that i would like to share with you . five things all about love :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

DIY Facial Scrub

hey guys!  i just wanted to share to you how i do my DIY Facial Scrub :) it's the honey-sugar scrub.
this DIY honey and sugar facial scrub is one of my favorite homemade beauty recipes! :)

so why honey?
The silky texture and sweet aroma of honey is liked by most people and what it can offer to the skin will make it more pleasurable to use. Honey is a mixture of plant nectar and bee enzymes. Honey offers vitamins C, D, and E plus some minerals.
These are anti-aging vitamins, because they protect the skin from sun exposure, dry wind, and pollution. The combination of vitamins and minerals helps the skin maintain moisture making the skin feel smooth and giving a glowing touch. Honey is also known for its antiseptic benefits. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

OOTD: Red Lips and Lace Valentine's Day Special

hello everyone, happy february to all of you ! happy love month :) by the way as you all know, Valentine's Day is coming . so today , i just want to share a little outfit idea for V-day :)

lace and red lips for me is such a sweet sophisticated mix. that's why i chose both of them for this outfit. perfect for a date night or just hanging with you girlfriends ..

Monday, January 28, 2013

REVIEW: Essence Stay Natural Concealer


Hello everyone! 
so today i am reviewing another Essence product Essence Stay Natural Concealer.. oh how i love that brand, so cheap and affordable. this would be just a quick review unlike my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation review.  i think it would be a great time to review this product now because i just finished it. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

new in! Primark Haul - january 2013

if you read my last post, you know that i was going to do a haul. i love reading and watching hauls all over the internet because it's like window shopping without leaving your house and it helps me to know what are in the shops at the moment. 

not so long ago, i went to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Alexandrium to be exact. i love shopping there because the shops are bigger there and most especially, Primark is way bigger there than here in Belgium. you might have noticed that i am inlove with Primark, i did a primark haul before, you can check it here. this will be the part one of my shopping haul since i didn't just bought stuff from Primark, from other stores too of course. so without further ado, here is my Primark Haul for January 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013


hello everyone. i hope you're all doing good . in case you haven't notice i am on Instagram . and today i just want to share five favorite photos from Instagram . you can follow me : @xmisschiarax
basically, i am more updated there, i post little Outfit of the Day, Makeup of the day or anything really. so make sure to check it out :)

So for now , i leave you my Instagram account : @xmisschiarax to share some things from my life .

that's all for now. don't forget to follow me on:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

EOTD : first tutorial eveeeeer! :)

since I've been reviewing some makeup products, i thought that i should share to you how i do my makeup too. now, i'll just start by showing you the finish product and just explain what i did. so this is my first Eyes of the Day (EOTD) tutorial post :)
so let's get started:

Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY : organizing bracelets!

as much as i love buying bracelets organizers, i also love doing DIY to save money. so today's post is a DIY Bracelets Holder. my bracelet hangers are already full and heavy so, instead of buying another one, i just got inspired and this is what i did. i also like this one because it is like displaying your bracelets too. in that way, you can see all of them. because if you are like me, i only use what i see.

to keep this post short, let us get started. this is really easy as you can see :) 

Friday, January 11, 2013

five things.

1. DIY projects.

oh how i love DIY projects and being crafty. i've been doing  lot of DIY projects these past few weeks. i get inspiration everywhere but mostly from Pinterest. if you want, i created a board there with DIY . you can check it out here

Monday, January 7, 2013

OOTD : 2013's first!

hello everyone! i hope you all passed some great holidays! because i did ! and i loved it! i gained some weight though :(
anyways here is my first OOTD of the year ! we went to a EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN Chinese Restaurant and here is the outfit that i wore. i just kept it casual ...

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