Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MOTD : first makeup of the day !

hello everyone ! i hope you're all doing good! it has been a while since i posted something here. i've been busy with a lot of things : our concert ( which was a success) , opening an online shop and of course studies . but now , hopefully i am back at being regular , because this is really something that i miss.

so today's post is about makeup, this will be my first MOTD : makeup of the day post . so for my MOTD post, i ill just list all of the make up stuff that i used. i will also link the products so you will know more information about it. 
hope you enjoy it .

 photo DSC_6263_zps667e9578.jpg

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

REVIEW: Park Avenue Lipstick no.10 + swatches

hello everyone!
today i'm going to do a review about Park Avenue Lipstick in no. 10
Park Avenue is made in EUROPE, there aren't topics and articles about it online, so i really don't know much about it. but what i know is that IT IS REALLY CHEAP!!!
so this is the PARK AVENUE LIPSTICK IN NO.10

Monday, March 11, 2013

what's in my everyday makeup bag ?

 photo 816980da-ba96-412d-a134-aa43a6ddd7d3_zps1d9253e9.jpg

hello everyone ! i hope you are all doing good. today i have decided to share what's in my everyday makeup bag . i love seeing what's in the makeup bag of other girls, i find that interesting .so basically, i have this makeup bag just to retouch my face throughout the day , so it doesn't really contains a lot of makeup. 
as you can see, it is just a small lightweight mini bag . i love the " je suis une princesse... " message on the bag, it definitely defines me ahaha (just kidding). 

Friday, March 1, 2013

five things : birthday edition ! --- yes , it is my day :)


hello everyone ! i hope everthing is ok! 

so by the time i post this one, i am sure it's already my birthday! i did not intend to do this post but i think it would be nice to share what are the things in my wishlist.

aside from my birthday wishes like good health for me and my family and everyone, better year for me, peace in this world, better life for all of us and i wish for more years to come i also do have a WISHLIST, a materialistic wishlist.

i know i should be contented with what i have but hey , this is a WISHlist! i am free to dream!
so here's my 19th birthday wishlist! 

1. Perfume 
and here is when i hear my mum saying : YOU HAVE ENOUGH PERFUMES! 
well, i still haven't found my perfect match perfume yet , so i am still searching for the one :) i think what i would like to have the most right now is Escada's delicate notes or YSL's La Parisienne :)
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