Wednesday, March 13, 2013

REVIEW: Park Avenue Lipstick no.10 + swatches

hello everyone!
today i'm going to do a review about Park Avenue Lipstick in no. 10
Park Avenue is made in EUROPE, there aren't topics and articles about it online, so i really don't know much about it. but what i know is that IT IS REALLY CHEAP!!!
so this is the PARK AVENUE LIPSTICK IN NO.10

i think it's just 3,95 euros.

left-right: just dabbing, one swipe, 2 swipes

pros (+):
- really cheap
- nice packaging
- really PIGMENTED!
- doesn't dry my lips ( i have really dry lips)
- comes in different shades

- don't have a list of ingredients
- some products are made in France, made in Italy, ( we don't really know who made it )

all in all, i love it!!!!!

rating : 4.5/5

this is just a quick review because i really liked this product and i do not want you to get bored with me saying "i love this product" repeatedly.                                                                             Disclaimer: 
this Park Avenue Lipstick
 was purchased  by my own money.  

this review reflects my own personal 
opinion about the product.
this is not a sponsored review.
all photos are mine.   



  1. Oh really beautiful color sweetie. Thanks for this review.


  2. i should check this since its cheap and did great job :) nice review

    visit my blog ^^

    1. it is! i hope it is available in your country .

  3. i really love the shade..
    i love the fact that it doesn't dry out your lips

    1. i know, i hate lipsticks that dry your lips.

  4. oo this is lovely, great colour!
    And what has convinced me the most is the fact that it's not drying!
    Nothing I hate more than dry lips :(
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