Friday, July 20, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell's elegant stud ( grey/ white silver loafers )

I just want to share these babies!
Jeffrey Campbell's  Loafers Elegant Stud .
 I've been loving loafers these past few months , i think they are just so comfortable and stylish to wear.
i love loafers but i don't like ballerines or doll shoes. they just make my feet look flatter. 

these loafers are just the best. they can glam up any outfit or may i just say they can just ROCK any outfit. with those studs, and i mean, see that, these loafers are filled with studs. and i love it .

so enough with the blah-blahs here are some closeup photos !

do you like Jeffrey Campbell too ?

p.s since i was really off for a long time, i will try my very best to post more often :)


  1. this shoes look so pretty! would you like to follow each other?

  2. thank you for following <3 i also follow you !

  3. Your Shoes look awesome. so very pretty design in it

  4. oh wow..... would love to see the pair in an outfit!

    1. yep. an OOTD coming this week :) stay tuned :)


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