Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TRAVEL: Geneva Part I

hello guys!
so vacation is on and we chose to stay in Geneva , also to visit my cousin and family. I've always loved Geneva that's why i'm staying here for 3 weeks. i love the weather here, it is way better than rainy BRUSSELS!!!

so here are some photos i just want to share with you.

WARNING: Photo heavy!

a little stop at a patisserie 

the famous OUI/NON in the center of Geneva
if you didn't know, it is the same structure or oeuvre as we say in french. it says OUI (yes) in an angle and NON in another one. really fascinating !

the Jet d'eau -   one of Geneva's famous landmarks. 

view under the jetd'eau

 i had the chance to go very near the Jet d'eau and get wet.

rainbow created by the fountain.

have you ever been to Geneva ? if you haven't , you really should visit it :)

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