Thursday, August 30, 2012

TRAVEL: Barcelona

WARNING: TRAVEL post, so photo heavy, lots of pictures ahead

hello girls, you don't know how excited i am to do this post. WHY ?
first of all, it is about BARCELONA , one of the cities i have always dream about. actually it is SPAIN because as much as i love travelling , i never visited Spain, ever! i have been to Germany, France, Switzerland , Italy etc but not Spain. so i was really excited to visit it. 

i didn't really stayed there for a long time, just for 5 days and for 3 days i was in a CONFERENCE, a YFC conference and i had fun!  so i just have a day to visit Barcelona. 

here are some photos we took  

( i will do an OOTD post after this, will be up anytime soon so make sure you check my blog again )

- one of the tallest bridges in Europe, or the TALLEST i think.

- hotel we stayed in , a little bit far from the city if you go by public transport but city is actually near by car.

- Placa Catalunya

 - La Rambla
 -metro line going to Sagrada Familia

  Sagrada Familia

 we were on our way back home when we noticed this monument on the top of a hill.
if anyone knows what it is please tell me :)

do you like posts like this ? 
i already did another one and it is 

thanks for reading and have a nice day


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  2. i am so jealous i want to go here!


  3. beautiful photos
    i wish i'd visit barceolna...

  4. oh I want to visit barcelona for so long.
    I loved your photos, the city is beautiful :) xoxo

  5. This looks so adorable! I really like the simplicity and your sense of style is great! Please check out my new post, I think it´s similar to your style!

  6. great photos! is YFC stands for Youth For Christ? ^^
    Have a sweet and brilliant day!!
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  7. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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  8. So fuuun !! Lucky girl
    Nex post - Kisses from Paris ♥

  9. Hi Chiara! I answered your question on my blog! ;)
    thanks for your visit! :*
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