Thursday, August 16, 2012

ELF (EyesLipsFace) Haul

hi girls!! sorry for my lack of post lately.
I've been really busy, i was busy travelling with my family :)

i just can't believe it's mid august now :(
Summer Vacation is passing by really fast!

so, as the title goes, here's my ELF orders.

they came really fast, i ordered them on Sunday then it arrive Tuesday afternoon!

i will not do a complete review on these products YET  ,just first impressions and observations because i want to try them first :)

what's inside :

For Eyes Products:
- All Over Cover Stick in Light Beige: i will actually use this as an under eye concealer as it is lighter than my skin tone . i really love the smell of it :) the first time i used it, i noticed that it is really PIGMENTED ! :) but it don't have a lot of product in it, but it's okay as i is really pigmented.
- Zit Zapper : i thought hat this is a tiny product, but no. so yea, didn't test it yet,.

Zit Zapper and All Over Cover Stick

-" Blending eye brush "and "eyelash and brow wand" : these two are re-purchased . i just love these brushes. i use the "wand" for my eyebrows and they're perfect. and the Blending brush , well, i use it as an eye shadow brush , a concealer brush and many more. i like it, but it's not really fluffy for a blending brush.

Lip Products:

-Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm: i just like it's smell.will review soon ! :)
-Glossy Lip Shine ( Cream Goddess set): i like the smell too. and it had a lot f product not like the other lip glosses. and that's why i bought it too .P.S i love the colors in this set :)

Face products:

-Complexion perfection Powder: it has four different colors inside, and when you mix them up all together, you'll get a whitish powder. i was afraid to use it, as i have olive skin tone .but it doesn't make my face look white :) 

- Cool Bronzer: i'm so happy that it doesn't have shimmer on it :) it's a matte bronzer and WAY PIGMENTED!!!!

so yea:) there ya gooo :)

what do you think about these products?? :)

chiara  ♥


  1. hey babe i see you have ADAPTED a new layout... was it inspired by me? haha kidding kidding... anyways i am here to tell you it is rocking and looking so super good!!!


    Label me ADDICT!!!

  2. @Label me Addict hhaha. if you want hun! thanks fo dropping by! :)

  3. I love your posts! I always buy same things!!

  4. I never heard of elf before but the products looks good! I love the colors of the lipgloss and the powderbox with the light colors looks really nice!

  5. i love elf
    I have the zit zapper i def need the perfection powder
    great haul

  6. @devin olivia did you like the zit zapper??

    i really like the prfction powder :)

  7. nice haul!!!


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