Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OOTD : like a tourist

hello LOVELIES! thank you so much for tuning in in my getaway place.

by the way, here's an Outfit of the Day when i was on vacation in Geneva. 
i loved that city, i so want to go back there now !

the inspiration f this outfit would be the tourists that i see there, actually i am a tourist there too, but i go there so frequent that i can be NO TOURIST anymore. it was a really hot day so i'm glad i brought my hat with me!

special thanks to my DAD again for taking the pictures!

 dress: Pepper Tree // hat : local store // bag: Primark // sandals : forever21 // sunglasses: Primark //
necklace : forever21 //ring : grandma's gift // wooden bangle : Mango // 
2 cotton braided bracelets : my little sis's own // pastel bracelets : local store // nail polish : OPI's The "IT" color

hello again lovelies,  university has already started so i hadn't had that much time to do some blog posts . the first week was really stressful, i have to complete my files, buy this and that, verify some stuff etc.
i'm currently in my first year in  Medicine, it has been almost a week but i feel like i'm studying at university for months now. (hahah).it is really weird, we're like 500 in auditorium, or even more. ages varies alot too!
by the way, 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for my new followers but my most loved comment-ers too!
thank you so much.
i really love reading your comments!
they lift my day up!

if you want more outfits, just CLICK HERE!



  1. lovely!so beautiful your bow necklace!
    xoxo mini nuni

  2. u look so elegant!! i lov dat bow neckpiece and d dress looks supa cute!!

  3. wow, you have a perfect smile and a beautiful face. you are so beautiful, there are no words to describe it.
    i love your eyes and your amazing smile and damn i feel a bit strange telling a girl via an comment how beautiful she is, but you are!
    and i adore tha white dress, underlines your skintone pretty good!

    I adore your blog, keep on doing this wonderful thing you do here.
    I had to follow you, you have a new fan now <3
    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

    1. wow thank you Amely Rose!

      you made me blush.. LOL

      i had to reread your comment to make sure i wasn't daydreaming. just thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

  4. you look so beautiful with that hat on!

  5. thanks for your comment :) just followed you in gfc, hope you will follow back like we said :)

  6. Oh my goodness I love the floppy hat and highwaist! Soo so so cute!

  7. Thanks for your comment!!
    Love your style


  8. really cute florals..
    keep posting cute outfits
    I am following you now so that I can keep you on my list
    I hope you can follow back

  9. Such a cute dress, it looks amazing on you!

    XO, Imke

  10. You look so beautiful ! Love this outfit :))

  11. What a sweet and girly outfit!
    Following you now

  12. i love your outfit! very cute!

  13. You look adorable!
    PS With a pair of the right heels you would look fabulous with a skirt in a mid lenght :)

  14. you look awesome! i'm in love with this dress <3

  15. beautiful dress!

  16. What kind of different beauty, you are Indian? That's a beautiful place, and dress.
    visit us! xoxo Gi.

  17. You look lovely.
    Great blog.
    Would you consider following each other?

    1. just tell me when you do :)
      and i would love to follow back :)

  18. Would love to visit Geneva too. Is it true that it's quite an expensive city?


    1. yes. it quite is. but really lovely place :)


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