Monday, September 3, 2012

OOTD : Barcelona

Vamos a la Sagrada Familia
 Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
this well known Roman Catholic Church is one of those iconic landmarks like Eiffel tower, Big Ben and many more,  that i would really love to see. 
i was so intrigued by this church because , if you didn't know, it is still incomplete. 
it's architect, Gaudi is really famous all over the world for his unique style.

another thing that made me really liked it is its UNIQUENESS , every facade is a different style, a different genre. i am not an expert in analyzing monuments or any other ART but i still learned some things in school. so i know that it is Gothic and ART nouveau style as we say in french. i just really loved it.

i think i should stop there. this might look like a travel / Sagrada familia information post. hahaha :)

if you want to see more photos about Barcelona , feel free to check THIS TRAVEL POST!

back in the OOTD: 

just being casual and girly that day. it was so hot so wanted something loose, a skirt.
the skirt was actually so big for me that i have to tuck it in in a belt. 

sunglasses, white lace top, bag,  Primark // skirt- Mango // belt- H&M // bow necklace- gift // sandals (not shown here) - forever21

it was my Dad who took the pic, so you can't really see the sandals that i wore. 
but they are sandals form Forever21 featured in my another OOTD post. Click here to see.

thanks Daddy for the photos.

and thank you everyone for reading. :)

tell me what you think about it.


  1. gorgeous outfits and amazing pics, Ive been there and I loved it!

    1. i think the place was splendid :)

      thank you


  2. you look so lovely, amazing skirt:)

  3. Hi dear. I went to Barcelona some years ago, and i just loved it!

    1. i know. i think i just fell in love with barcelona :) LOL :)

  4. Barcelona is a gorgeous citY that I've visited twice already! Great blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

    1. i would love too . just tell me when you do :)
      i will follow back ASAP :)

  5. beautiful pictures and love your outfit :) thanks for the comment on my blog! let me know if you would like to follow each other :)

    1. thank you !

      yes, i would love too :) just tell me when you do :)

  6. Oh these beautiful architecture is just so breath taking!
    So cute of your Dad to take your photos!

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    1. i know right. it was majestic :)

      ye i know :)

  7. You look adorable and man you are in one gorgeous place on a wonderful day. (:

  8. WOw!!! So beautiful! You are so lucky to get to visit places like that :) So jealous


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