Sunday, April 21, 2013

REVIEW: Catrice NailPolish : #170 i Scream peach! and swatches + UPDATES .

hello everyone ! it is finally spring here in Belgium. well almost, since this week came back to those cloudy dull day. but still, i know it is here . by the way, sorry for being MIA. i just launched my "vide dressing " online shop. it is basically where i sell my clothes at a very cheap price. my aim is to make some space for my closet. i feel like it is vomiting my clothes already, it is so full.
here is the link to my shop.
and here's a little sneak peak; 

so back to the nailpolish .
here is  Catrice in #170 I SCREAM PEACH!

with flash
this is such a nice color for spring or summer time.
actually, at first, i thought it was so orange, but then, it turned out to be a pretty Pink-Orange Coral color:)
( but  still more on the ORANGE side ).

i applied two coats of it because i find that one coat is not opaque much. the bristles of the brush is medium size, not to big nor small. it is easy to apply. 

it lasted for about 5 days without chipping ( with top coat) and 3 days ( without top coat)

bottom-line: i really like it! and the packaging is awesome :) it's cheap, but for me, it looks expensive. 
without flash 

with flash

without flash

what do you think about Catrice products?



  1. The last stripped shirt (the grey one) looks very comfty, I've been searching for one like that. :)
    And I love the nail polish colour, very spring!


    ++ THE GRAY'S ANATOMY EXPERIENCE - Surviving among real-life McDreamies: ++

  2. totally agree, perfect spring color


  3. Nice nail lacquer...

    check my last post

    Like me on facebook

  4. Looks like you have some good items in your closet! :)

    trendy teal

  5. Love the nail polishes!!!!
    Have an awesome day and keep being gorgeous!!

    ❥Lots of love


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