Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas wishlist 2013

christmas wish list 2013

christmas wish list 2013 by xmisschiarax

hello, what's up everyone ! been a while eh ? it's december now and 'tis the season :) so as part of my yearly post , here's another christmas wish list for this christmas 2013 . 
to be honest , i really don't "NEED" all of this , i have more than enough and i will be forever grateful for that , but hey , that's why it is called WISHLIST , meaning you can wish whatever you want, it's like dreaming right ? to dream is free  :)

sooo, what's on my list : 

  • Real Techniques Brushes : i've been wanting these since they're release coz i am a Pixiwoo fan! and hearing a lot of great reviews about Sam's brushes just makes me want more ..  
  • Naked palette 3 : i bought the naked 2 last summer , and to be honest , i still haven't used it yet , i fell in love with the first one , and now , i just feel collecting all of them . besides, this palette is said to be different from the past 2 because of the more "pinkish" shades.
  • Yankee Candles :  i love candles ! i just love them , they just make everything so cozy! my fave would be those christmas scents : cookie , vanilla sweet scented candles are my fave!
  • UGG Boots :  comfort, that is what i'm looking for ! i tried some kick offs and they were good , but nothing beats a real one right ? 
now for the things , that i kind of need : (haha)

  • protection for macbook : Marc Jacobs case,  hard shell and (stylish) keyboard covers :  since i bring and use my macbook for Uni everyday , i feel that i just need to protect them from the "harsh" environnement ! shah
  • this is just a plus : iphone covers : i really like these cute cat silicon iphone cases, i prefer them rather than the hard shell ones , coz they're kind of shock proof, whilst the hard shell are just for scratches ..  and plus , nobody can't have enough phone cases right ? just kidding .. no i'm not.. i like the Kate spade and the knock-off by forever21 :)
and to top of my wishlist for this year  ....
they are non-material.

i just want to tell that i am blessed enough to have this life . Blessed to have a loving family and loving friends . Blessed to be surrounded by people who only lift me higher . so all i really do want for this christmas is good health and happy life for all of us ! and of course , i pray for courage, knowledge and wisdom to pass my exams on January ! :) 

so yea, that's it ! how about you ? what's on your wish list ? 



  1. Amazing blog and amazing pictures dear!
    I’m following you on all social networks and especially on bloglovin, follow me and get in touch!
    I’m waiting for your opinion on my latest post!

    An amazing gift is waiting for you, c’mon!

    Kisses from Italy, Alis.

    1. i will definitely do ! thanks for passing by :)

  2. Amazing wishlist for Christmas, I hope you got some of them since the items all look so amazing :)
    And indeed dreaming is free :P
    Naked palette 3 looks amazing, really would love to have that one too and the ipad case is soooo sweet tooo *w*

    1. not everything but i'm still happy with what i got :)
      it does looks amazing ! can't wait to get my hands on it :)


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