Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! #hello2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys ! 

well, hello there 2014 and ba-bye 2013 . let us face this year with a smile! like every single time : this last year passed so quickly . 2013 was one of those years that i have experienced a lot of new things , some bad but mostly good ! 

this would just be a little hello and bye-for-a-month post. WHAT ? 
first of all : HELLO TO NEW READERS , and welcome to my blog ! 
and also bye for a month ....

i won't be able to update my blog the whole month . I will have some exams for the whole month ... so no time to update or so ...

but i will be back on FEBRUARY 2014 or even earlier .
with new post ... and i will start to write in French too ! WOOT WOOT ! 

 so in the mean time , 

you could check out my Instagram account : @xmisschiarax
i will continue to update it .
and if you want : leave your username on the comments below , i would love to check it out ! or just comment under one of my pictures on my Instagram account . 

follow me on TWITTER too ! :) @xmisschiarax

i wish you a HAPPIER YEAR and till next time !


  1. Hello! ;)
    I loved your blog in terms of interesting posts, appearance.
    I am very impressed. Yours!
    Have a nice day!

    ~ In the free time I invite you also to me! :)

    1. wow ! thanks ! i'm very happy that my blog pleased you :)
      i will be active soon again ! thanks !

  2. :D happy New year! :D I hope to see you soon in Februari ^____^

  3. Good luck for your exams! You have such a cute blog here. And Chiara is such a nice name.

    1. oooh thank you dear ! Chiara means light or brightness :)

  4. Hi ! thanks for your comment on my instagram :) your blog looks really good and I have followed you :) if you could follow me back on Bloglovin ( thanks very much, and good luck in you exams!
    Looking forward to your next post x

    1. thank youu ! will be back really soon ! and thanks for leaving a link :)
      i love reading new blogs :)


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