Wednesday, January 23, 2013

new in! Primark Haul - january 2013

if you read my last post, you know that i was going to do a haul. i love reading and watching hauls all over the internet because it's like window shopping without leaving your house and it helps me to know what are in the shops at the moment. 

not so long ago, i went to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Alexandrium to be exact. i love shopping there because the shops are bigger there and most especially, Primark is way bigger there than here in Belgium. you might have noticed that i am inlove with Primark, i did a primark haul before, you can check it here. this will be the part one of my shopping haul since i didn't just bought stuff from Primark, from other stores too of course. so without further ado, here is my Primark Haul for January 2013
DSC_6082_zps1b352b46 photo DSC_6082_zps1b352b46.jpg
DSC_6078_zpsf540b9e0 photo DSC_6078_zpsf540b9e0.jpg
{jumpers / sweaters : mint green and striped  }
DSC_6081_zps4e3a8f9a photo DSC_6081_zps4e3a8f9a.jpgDSC_6094_zps81dde07d photo DSC_6094_zps81dde07d.jpg
DSC_6098_zps3b9aeb6f photo DSC_6098_zps3b9aeb6f.jpg
{cardigan }
DSC_6084_zps62722328 photo DSC_6084_zps62722328.jpg
{blazer }
DSC_6087_zps8de8b4fd photo DSC_6087_zps8de8b4fd.jpg
{floral romper}
DSC_6088_zps31868f1e photo DSC_6088_zps31868f1e.jpgDSC_6089_zpsc1c45a47 photo DSC_6089_zpsc1c45a47.jpg
{polka dot dress:  this comes with a red belt but i lost it already XD }
DSC_6101_zps93d05928 photo DSC_6101_zps93d05928.jpg
{striped scarf }
DSC_6099_zpsa50d1d62 photo DSC_6099_zpsa50d1d62.jpg
{knit scarf }
DSC_6066_zps8f7860b1 photo DSC_6066_zps8f7860b1.jpg
{scarf : 4 euros}

DSC_6103_zpsda498906 photo DSC_6103_zpsda498906.jpg
{earrings and ring  }
DSC_6105_zpsd64d297c photo DSC_6105_zpsd64d297c.jpg



  1. ooh, such nice clothes, loved them ^_~

  2. I love Primark as well! <3
    Great haul!! I especially love the romper and the dress! *__*


  3. I've not been to Primark in ages, a trip soon is definitely needed! You've picked up some lovely items. Thanks for sharing! :) XO


  4. I love what you've bought, the scarfs are really pretty :) x

  5. I like it primark:)

  6. Wow look at all those sweaters! I want them. I dont think we have a primark here in nyc. I never seen one actually. I should chekc them out becuase im jealous of your haul. I really like the pieces you have.

  7. These are great! I love the blue jumper and the blazer as well!

  8. Me encanta el vestido de lunares!!!

  9. I wish we had a Primark here. it seems like you can find there lovely pieces!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  10. so many lovely stuff <3 i wish i had primark in my town!

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  12. I need to take a trip to Primark :) x

  13. I love your blog! Great post! about to follow!

    -Sophie x

    Please follow:

  14. ohh Primark, I'm so jealous- we unfortunately don't have it here, in Slovenia :/ Maybe someday...


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